Moonmini iPhone XR Waterproof Case Shockproof Cover Slim Armor Design

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Phone Model: Iphone XR
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Dustproof Snowproof Grade IP68 Full Body Protective Cover Phone Cases for iPhone XR 2018


Helpful hints: in order to use of the product more perfect experience, in launching activities, based on the depth of the water, please adjust the air in the case capacity, in addition to make a touch more sensitive, when necessary, need to remove the mobile phone screen protective film.Using the correct installation method, ensure the case from the closure.

Descriptions: -International standard protection grade, 100 m mobile phones swimsuit, Fondale waterproof jacket + Verti protection shell, double protection to your phone, 100% waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Snowproof, etc

We only do the most practical mobile phone holster, waterproof case cover texture clear, durable using, Never fade.

High definition camera, we are doing, only to find better, let your lens more durable, more highlights your class -Belong to your own custom.

Precise craft process, None protection shell, tenacious, contracted, beautiful and practical, No matter the lens, or the side keys, are accurate -Do cell phones bodyguards: no matter from any Angle, is very perfect, clear outline, transparent and waterproof, let you enjoy a good time in the nature.

Compatible Model:For iPhone Xr -100% Brand New,Lifetime Warranty !

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