Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Case 4700mAh External Charging Backup Charger Cover

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Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S10

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Case to keep you powered up

Perfect fit: Li-Polymer Battery,specially designed Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 .
Built-in 4700mAh battery: Li-polymer rechargeable battery,Effectively provide extra battery life to your phone,convenient and easy to use.
LED display : Equipped with power level indicator LED lights to timely remind the user of power level.
Charging and protecting: Provide Extra Power with high quality material to protect your phone from scratch,dirt,and other daily tear.
Safe Charging: Samsung S10 battery case In-built with over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, short-current protection,it will stop and cut off charging when your phones in full power.

Perfect fit: Li-Polymer Battery,specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S10.
Type of product:A grade Lithium-ion polymer battery
Input Current:5V 1800mAh
Output Current:5V 1500mAh
Working Temperature:0℃-45℃
Battery Capacity:4700mAh
Rated Capacity:3196mAh
Storage/Transport Temperature:-20℃+/-50℃
Charging Time:~3.5H

Battery cases makes you don¡¯t always need that extrended power at every single moment.The extra battery power you can quickly detach it and attach another if you still more juice. Strangely enough,slim, lightweight, and made of a durable polycarbonate shell with a good touch finish.
If you¡¯re looking for something on the cheaper side that won¡¯t let you down Moonmini is well known Brand for supplying good value battery cases.Samsung S10 battery case comes with a battery indicator so you know when it¡¯s time to charge back up.Battery case S10 works well as a protective case too, with a strong build and raised bezel to protect the edges of your phone.

Moonmini's Battery quality speaks for itself.It's offers solid drop protection and cushioned corners. It¡¯s lightweight and slim, and simply one of your best options.

Best Portable Travel Choice Better comfortable Grip
NOTE: there is maybe slight color difference because of display resolution.

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