iPhone XS / X Waterproof Case IP68 Certified

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Phone Model: Iphone XS

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Moonmini iPhone XS Waterproof Case

Underwater Thin Light Full Body Cover SandProof Shockproof Snowproof DustProof for iPhone XS

Product Features
The case is light-weight, easy to carry and won't affect the daily use. It also protects your iPhone 6/6s touchscreen from scratches, marks, and scrapes.
Come with headphone jack adapter, will work with the case, if you plug them in the headphone adapter.
Works well with camera and takes photos, special sound enhancement system has improved.

1. Before installing the mobile phone, please try to waterproof case , into the water, if will not leak, again to install mobile phone;
2. Please correct installation to mobile phone protection shell; Make sure all the hole and thin seam sealed tight.
3. Please do not stick Temper Glass Screen Protector for your phone when using this waterproof case.

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