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iPhone Xs Battery Case 6000mAh iPhone X External Backup Charger Cover Black

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Phone Model: iPhone Xs

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Perfect fit: Li-Polymer Battery,specially designed for iPhone X iPhone Xs.
Built-in 6000mAh battery: Li-polymer rechargeable battery,Effectively provide 200%+ extra battery life to your phone,convenient and easy to use.
LED display : Equipped with power level indicator LED lights to timely remind the user of power level.
Charging and protecting: Provide 6000mAh capacity with high quality material to protect your phone from scratch,dirt,and other daily tear.
Safe Charging: In-built with over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, short-current protection,it will stop and cut off charging when your phones in full power.
Product Type: A grade lithium ion polymer battery
Input Current: 5V 1800mA
Output Current: 5V 1800mA
Operating Temperature: 0 ¡æ -45 ¡æ
Battery capacity: 6000mAh
Storage / Transport Temperature: -20 ¡æ plusmn; 50 ¡æ
Cycle Life: ge; 500 times
Charging Time: ~ 5.5 hours
Product Size: 148 * 74 * 18.3 (mm)
Packing Size: / (mm)
Product Weight: 150 / g
NOTE: there is maybe slight color difference because of display resolution.

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