Moonmini iPhone XR Waterproof Case with Floating Strap

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Phone Model: Iphone XR
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Built in Screen Protector Transparent Cover Shockproof Snowproof IP68 Waterproof Case for iPhone Xr

Moonmini Waterproof Case Passed 3T Test Standard

1: 10ft/1hour Underwater Test 1000 Times

2: 6.6ft/2m Height Drop Test 1000 Times

3: Snap on/off Durability Test 1000 Times

Designed to Conquer All Harsh Environments

1: Waterproof for Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving, Surfing and Rafting.

2: Shockproof for Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Jogging and Cycling.

3: Dirt/Snowproof for all other harsh environments use.

Never worry about lost your phone in the water
Using the included floating strap, you can take photos anytime on cruise/boat, swimming or on the water without worry.

Safety Driven
Package Come with a magnetic steel plate, paste your phone with any magnetic vehicle mounts, safety driven any time when you need to navigation or make calls.

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