Galaxy Note 10 plus battery charging case 5000mah portable battery power bank black

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Galaxy Note 10 plus battery case 5000mah portable battery charging case power bank black

Light and thin battery case for an extended use of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. High battery capacity extends the battery life more power to talk on the phone, browse web, watch video, listen to music and play games. Smart integrated LED battery level indicator shows how much power is left, and puts you in complete control of when to use the battery case compatible with charging.

1. 360 Degree Scratch-guard - 2 in 1 High quality battery case with 360 degree protection and battery charging functions. With dual layer to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus from scratches and daily wear and tear.
2. Adding Extra Power - Moonmi battery case with powerful capacity for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus helps keep your phone charged the entire day.
3. LED Display - Rechargeable charging case with 4 LED light display. You can easily see how much juice is left. Lightweight and thin, can bring it taking on board.
4. Safe Battery Charging Case - This case have fast charger station offers temperature rise, over-current, short circuit, over-voltage, over-load, electromagnetic, electrostatic and electric shock protection.
5. Perfect fit - Li-Polymer battery, designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

Product Description
Smart integrated led light indicator
Ergonomic design, comfortable grip
Fast charge, rechargeable
Over charge protection
Over voltage protection
Over current protection
Short-circuit protection
Slim fit and lightweight
Full protection from drops and impacts
Extends battery life, supplies long time use of web, video, music and phone calls

Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus
Battery Type: Li-polymer battery
Input Current: 5V 1.8A
Output Current: 5V 1.5A
Battery Capacity: 5000mah
Color: Black

Package Included
1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus Battery Case

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